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Nicoletta's Story


Happe family


Nicoletta's Restaurant: A New Chapter in Our Story

Since its establishment in 1987 in Rockland County, New York, Nicoletta's has epitomized a narrative woven from love, familial bonds, and the delight found in shared dining experiences. Originating as the brainchild of high school sweethearts Tommy and Nicole, their shared path has flourished over three decades, graced by the presence of their three children: Taylor, Brianna, and Hunter.

Tommy, deeply rooted in the restaurant business from a young age through his family's Deli/Pizzeria, took the helm of Hilltop Deli & Pizza after his father's demise in 1997. He sustained the legacy of this cherished eatery, celebrated for its inviting, family-oriented ambiance and scrumptious offerings.

The family's relocation to Florida in 2015 was fueled by the aspiration to recreate a space where each visitor felt at home, an ambition fulfilled with the inauguration of Nicoletta's on August 14th, 2019. Named lovingly after Nicole, the establishment swiftly won the hearts of locals, becoming synonymous with a homely vibe, exceptional cuisine, and a venue for community gatherings. Under Tommy and Nicole’s guidance, Nicoletta's embodied the spirit of "Let Our Family Feed Your Family."

January 2024 marked the commencement of an exhilarating new era for Nicoletta's, as stewardship was entrusted to Max and Olga, experienced restaurateurs with a portfolio of three thriving establishments: Brisket Eat & Fun, an American Barbecue & Steakhouse; Bloody Mary Bar & Grill, an American Cocktail Bar & Grill in Saint-Petersburg; and Eleni's Pizza Works, a New England Style Pizzeria & Greek diner in Sarasota, FL. Max and Olga, accompanied by their daughter Diana—who has been an integral part of their restaurants since the age of 14—bring a profound passion for culinary distinction and a rich tapestry of experiences from their journeys across over 40 countries.

This seasoned family of restaurateurs is poised to infuse Nicoletta's with global culinary influences while maintaining the restaurant's hallmark dedication to superior dining experiences and a convivial atmosphere. The legacy of family, food, and fellowship at Nicoletta's is set to flourish, promising patrons a continuously evolving gastronomic quest, now augmented with international flavors.

As we welcome this vibrant new chapter, we invite you to join us at Nicoletta's, where our tradition of sumptuous fare and joyful moments endures, now broadened by the innovative vision of Max, Olga, and Diana. "Let Our Family Feed Your Family" — We're excited to introduce you to the renewed Nicoletta’s.

Max & Olga